About me


I am just an ordinary person, and whatever efforts I make could end up being too little too late, but you can rest assured that none of these efforts will be aimed at turning you into a child-figured shell with sink-white teeth, but rather at allowing me to be the change I want to see in the world.

When i was a child I could spend hours sitting still. Though to an outsider it may have seemed like nothing was happening, in my head, new lands were discovered, love conquered all obstacles and evil was abolished through heroic actions. The stories I invented often unfolded over generations and left me with a feeling of comfort and contentment.

Now that I am an adult I rarely have the patience or desire to sit still and imagine. There are ever fewer great victories and romances to look forward to, evil often wins, and all the lands have already been mapped out.

Yet I refuse to succumb to the mundane, always aware of who I am. For it is compromising ourselves that robs us of our vitality, and it is by guarding our vitality and zest for life, knowledge and unity that we flourish.

Who’d want to wonder the halls of the world for a thousand years, after all curiosity has passed, all loves have passed on, and all other people are but children; fearful, bold immature and unchallenging to ones thought?

Hence this website is not to help our physical bodies become immortal, but to help other people rediscover themselves and use their interests and inner freedom to be and look well, have fun, and to not compromise. And let longevity and all other good things follow, until it is time to write a new story.