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Exchanging Energy With Others: How to Protect Your Balance

There are several mechanisms through which people charge and drain themselves: breathing, grounding, moving, sun gazing, drinking, eating and more. However people can also take energy from other people, both with the other party’s consent and without it. The mechanism through which this exchange takes place can be described in one word: attention. A healthy […]

Optimism, Pessimism and Authenticity: Finding an Equilibrium

I think that one of the greatest challenges of our lives is discovering who we are. Shedding social expectation, shedding the desire for approval, shedding the fear of not being loved and discovering what brings us joy and why. One of the best ways of starting to do this is by finding an equilibrium between […]

Do you have low stomach acid?

Did you ever experience heartburn and blame it on the excessive acidity of your stomach? If you have, then like myself, you may have been misled by a medical industry that tends to ignore the root of the problem and focus primarily on treating the symptoms. Most people who experience heartburn and indigestion do so […]

Increasing lung capacity and oxygen intake to extend life

There are many factors that effect a person’s longevity. Among those one of the most reliable and the least recognised is lung capacity. The Framingham study, for example, followed 5200 individuals for three decades and concluded that the best predictor of mortality was lung volume. “This pulmonary function measurement appears to be an indicator of […]

The healthiest diet as taught by centenarians

There are many different schools of thought fighting for our attention when it comes to healthy eating. Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw, organic only, very low calorie, calorie dense, superfoods only and everything in between. For some people diet becomes akin to religion. They put it on a pedestal and consider any philosophy that disagrees with […]

Children and boundaries. A spiritual perspective

To some people setting boundaries with children or other grown ups comes naturally. They never struggle to establish their own authority and space or to find a good balance between the carrot and the stick. Others either let their empathy and politeness be the end of them, or end up perpetually angry. Is there a […]

How I see “the mid-life crisis”

Some of you will think that I am too young to be writing about a mid-life crisis. But the reality is that people in my family have been passing well before their time much too often. Be it through tragedy, crime or disease, few of our lot have made it into their eighties over the […]

Facial yoga – Full Lesson 2

It has now been nearly five years since I posted my first facial yoga video on youtube. I never expected it to gain popularity and I thank all of you who have watched it and subscribed to my channel. I have recently gotten several requests for an updated video. Luckily I found the time to […]

Keeping your emotional and energetic balance

It is very rare even today to find people who routinely direct their focus inwards in an attempt to understand who they are and how they work.  Most people are so captivated by the dramas playing out right in front of their eyes that the concept of staying centered and balanced becomes foreign to them. […]