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Preventing Loose Skin After 50

This is a new video by the Vitalitist from 2022. In it I discuss the changes that happen to our faces in our fifties and what we can do to give ourselves the support that we deserve. —- Music: Immigrantes #1 by La Tab├╣
chinese puppet

How to Be Certain You Aren’t Someone Else’s Manifestation

Yes, I know, most of my readers just want me to talk about tips for looking younger. Physical, palpable, quantifiable tips. And it is completely okay if you want to skip this article and not even consider it for entertainment purposes. I understand and I am so grateful for your support! For those of you […]

The Trap of External Validation (and how to build your confidence)

This is a new video by the Vitalitist from 2022. In it I discuss why we seek external validation, and how it has very little to do with our worth.

How to Get Rid of Festoons and Malar Bags

This is new video by the Vitalitist from 2022. Here I discuss tips on how to minimise and get rid of malar bags and festoons. What are the overall and the cosmetic reasons that cause them and what emotions contribute.
a woman overcoming her fear of snakes

Overcoming Fear

Fear is an emotion/instinct that we all need to survive. Though it has a heavy vibration overall, it is not meant to be outright rejected. It serves the purpose of keeping us safe. However, as we as a species continue to evolve and develop abilities to grasp more complex ideas, irrational fears begin to emerge […]

Balancing your Throat Chakra: Vishuddha – 2021

This is the fifth video in the series on energy healing, with a focus on the seven main chakras. In this video we focus on the throat, the Vishuddha chakra. A new video from the Vitalitist from 2021.

Dance Workout – Lesson 1 – Part 3

This is the third and last part of the first dance workout lesson in the new series by the Vitalitist. Our second 5 moves: Move 1 – Side-Step ( 0:34 ) Move 2 – Front-Step ( 0:55 ) Move 3 – Hand Cascade ( 2:21 ) Move 4 – Clap-Turn ( 3:00 ) Move 5 […]

Skin hyperpigmentation: Causes, prevention and treatment

This is a new video by the vitalitist from 2021. In it I discuss how to avoid and treat sun damage and age spots.

What Is Your Self-Concept?

This is a new video by the Vitalitist from 2021 in which we discuss how our self-concept shapes our character and consequently our lives.