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The Vagus Nerve and your Mental Health

This is a new video by the Vitalitist from 2021. In it I discuss the things that can be done to tone the vagus nerve in order to improve your ability to recover from stress.
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Overcoming Grief

In the recent weeks I have posted articles about overcoming toxic shame, guilt, and apathy. Going further up the emotional pyramid, we find ourselves at grief. Unfortunately grief is an emotion I have been well acquainted with at a young age. It never shows up alone. It always shows up holding hands with shame, and […]

Dance Workout – Lesson 1 – Part 2

This is a new video by the vitalitist. In it we begin learning the steps to a simple and fun at home workout. The full workout will end up taking 3 videos.
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Lectins and the Healthy Food Paradox

What if I told you that everything you know about healthy eating is wrong? What if I told you that your “healthy diet” of rice stews, fruits, nuts and legumes, is, in fact, killing you? Crazy, right? After all, all of your well-informed nutritional choices are backed by overwhelming scientific evidence… Not so, according to […]

Your Face: A Map to Your Health 2021

A new video by the Vitalitist. Instead of the one from 7 years ago.

Balancing your Heart Chakra: Anahata – 2021

This is the fourth video in the series on energy healing, with a focus on the seven main chakras. In this video we focus on the heart, the Anahata chakra. A new video from the Vitalitist from 2021. —- Many of the clips in this video are from https://www.pexels.com and the main background music is […]

Sleep and Weight Loss 2021

A new video by the Vitalitist where I discuss why it is so important to watch your sleep patterns if you want to stay in shape.


This summer I have had to do some travel. The stress, sun damage, change in climate, change in humidity and general interruptions to my self-care routines have left my skin looking dull and grey. I went to see a cosmetologist whom I have previously worked with for recommendation on creams and natural skincare solutions to […]

Dance Workout – Lesson 1 – Part 1

A video by the Vitalitist from 2021. Welcome to the workout series!! It is important for any workout to be fun for those engaging in it. Dancing and swimming are two of my favourite ways of staying in shape. Dancing helps me connect to my inner child and my subconscious mind. It gets me out […]