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How to Clean Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most important things for people to know if they are planning on becoming healthier by incorporating more fruits in their diet, is how to get rid of the wax and pesticide coating covering many store-bought fruits. Fruits with smooth edible skin tend to be sprayed with pesticides (chemicals) to keep away insects […]

Desire and Fear

In my opinion the ultimate purpose of every person’s life is to discover lasting joy and to share that lasting joy with others. It is a joy that comes from the sense of freedom, of creativity, of flow, of beauty, of connection to all that is, of love, wonder and being. It is a joy […]

Constructive Thinking of the Youthful Mind

Most people don’t realize when they are giving away their power. Before they get the opportunity to find out who they really are- families, countries, organizations instill in individuals a set of values that serve the existing power structures of the world. Some of these values are useful and commendable, some are outdated, some are […]


Hormone imbalance is one of the plagues of our times. One of the most dangerous types of hormone imbalance is estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is when your body has excess estrogen or estrogen like compounds in relation to the amount of progesterone. Estrogen dominance can lead to allergies, infertility, autoimmune disorders, breast cancer, diabetes, uterine […]

Security and Vulnerability

One of the most common things people seek is security. We want to know that our basic needs will be met. So we look for a stable job, a reliable partner, a roof over our heads, savings, insurance. We see the world as scarce and hostile, and ourselves as beings that have little inherent value. […]

Mental Conditioning

Many people believe that, throughout most of the day, it is them that is doing the thinking in their minds and the feeling in their bodies. I would like to now tell you that this is not true. Most of the day the thinking in your mind is done by an autopilot program that you […]

Everything You See Is Part Of You

People are used to thinking of themselves as separate entities confined to their bodies. What would happen if we realized that there are no barriers between our minds? There are no private thoughts that stay confined to our brains. There are no private emotions that do not affect the energy around us. Has it ever […]

When to avoid confrontation.

Nobody in the world is perfect and all of us at one time or another have been guilty of treating other people poorly or having mistaken opinions. The advice available to us can be very conflicting. On the one hand we are taught the ideal of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. […]

Projection and the Ego

“God himself is incomplete without you” Helen Schucman “You’re not in the universe. You are the universe” Eckhart Tolle You are the universe coming to know itself. You are divine presence in this moment. You are creative will. You are love. Nothing cannot be made into something. Hence you were never nothing. You were never […]