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Overcoming apathy

In my opinion apathy is a form of learned helplessness. It can often be the result of demoralizing experiences. For example: Launching a savings plan to assure your future independence, just to end up seeing your alcoholic father find and spend all the money again. Or deciding to give your studies 100%, just to end […]

Habits for Staying Slim 2021

This is a new video by the Vitalitist. Here I discuss the tips that helped me keep my weight in check over the years.

Anti-Aging Facial Massage

This is a new video by the Vitalitist from 2021, showing how to massage your face to keep it looking young.

Self Care, Narcissism & Empathy 2021

A new video by the Vitalitist from 2021, where I discuss whether self-care and taking care of your body is selfish.

Balancing your Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura – 2021

This is the third video in the series on energy healing, with a focus on the seven main chakras. In this video we focus on the solar plexus, the Manipura chakra. A new video from the Vitalitist from 2021. —- Many of the clips in this video are from https://www.pexels.com and the main background music […]

Sunscreen sensitivity, 2021

This is a video by the Vitalitist from 2021, where I discuss sunscreen and adverse reactions to it.

An introduction to my YouTube channel

This is a video where I briefly introduce myself, and invite you to check out my channel. Made in 2021.

Releasing Toxic Guilt

Most of us, in our minds, have an idea about the kind of person we want to be and the kind of life that we want to lead. Our emotions and feelings are our guiding compass, they are meant to let us know whether we have deviated off the path that is taking us towards […]

Epigenetics, Aging and Emotions 2021

In this video, by the Vitalitist, I discuss epigenetics. It has recently been named as a potential leading contributor to the aging process. If our nervous system is the main deciding force, when it comes to activating and deactivating genetic expressions, then the question needs to be asked: “Who or what is guiding our nervous […]