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The healthiest diet as taught by centenarians

There are many different schools of thought fighting for our attention when it comes to healthy eating. Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw, organic only, very low calorie, calorie dense, superfoods only and everything in between. For some people diet becomes akin to religion. They put it on a pedestal and consider any philosophy that disagrees with […]

Children and boundaries. A spiritual perspective

To some people setting boundaries with children or other grown ups comes naturally. They never struggle to establish their own authority and space or to find a good balance between the carrot and the stick. Others either let their empathy and politeness be the end of them, or end up perpetually angry. Is there a […]

How I see “the mid-life crisis”

Some of you will think that I am too young to be writing about a mid-life crisis. But the reality is that people in my family have been passing well before their time much too often. Be it through tragedy, crime or disease, few of our lot have made it into their eighties over the […]

Facial yoga – Full Lesson 2

It has now been nearly five years since I posted my first facial yoga video on youtube. I never expected it to gain popularity and I thank all of you who have watched it and subscribed to my channel. I have recently gotten several requests for an updated video. Luckily I found the time to […]

Keeping your emotional and energetic balance

It is very rare even today to find people who routinely direct their focus inwards in an attempt to understand who they are and how they work.  Most people are so captivated by the dramas playing out right in front of their eyes that the concept of staying centered and balanced becomes foreign to them. […]

When Not to Meditate

Meditation is one of the best practices a person can engage in to improve their physical and emotional health. When approached willingly and for pure reasons meditation heals people of many wounds. Studies show that it is one of the key ingredients of anti-aging and allows those engaging in the practice to regrow their telomeres, […]

Making Good Decisions

Making decisions is hard. Especially when they relate to the future. So what is it that we can do without the benefit of hindsight, to spare ourselves pain and regrets later in life? Something that I would advise is learning what is involved in making good choices. For me, it comes down to three basic […]

How to avoid estrogen dominance and stay fit

One of the main causes of weight gain in the world is hormonal imbalance.  A large percentage of men and women that struggle with their weight have a problem with estrogen dominance in their bodies (they have too much estrogen compared to progesterone). The trouble with estrogen is that it makes you retain body fat and […]

Seeking approval

It can be very tempting to try and cure ourselves of our own insecurities by seeking approval from other people.  The lure of being seen as a desirable/good/helpful person is mixed in with the opportunity to take responsibility for the decisions that we make off our shoulders and transfer them onto someone else.  In theory […]