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Chakras and emotional patterns

One of the things that I often wonder at after my meditation is how odd it is that there are whole parts of my body that my awareness barely frequents.  I observed, for instance that there are certain parts of my head, chest and feet that I can feel instantly as soon as I think […]


An older video by the Vitalitist. From around 2011: This video is about acupressure as yet another tool you can add in your quest for optimal health and well being. It outlines the pressure points in the palms of our hands that connect to our vital organs and join our energy body and its chakras […]

Facial Yoga and Meditation

An abridged version of the facial yoga class that I have been holding at my place on thursdays.  We will do a quick walkthrough of meditation, relaxation, facial yoga exercises and facial massage.  Our faces have some of the strongest muscles in our body, why not give them the same treatment as we do the […]