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Recognizing Your Intuition

One of the most insightful things I have read in the “Course in Miracles” is the idea that the world is not real. By acting as if the world is real, we deny the only truth that we know for sure. Our own reality. Studying an atom teaches us that the objects we look upon […]

Freedom in Relationships

All of life is about finding an equilibrium between opposing polarities. Most of our emotional struggles are the result of our inability to establish this equilibrium and to maintain it. We say yes, when we want to say no. We become submissive if someone else is domineering. We fall in love with someone serious and […]

Physical Laws of Consciousness

Skeptics who are keen on keeping science and consciousness apart point to an obvious fact. The fact that our universe follows certain physical laws. Walls are solid. Water is liquid. Fish cannot breathe outside of the water. If our reality was constructed by our consciousness, would not these laws be fluid and flexible? Would they […]

Understanding Karma

Both people who believe in karma and those who reject it often have a very childish understanding of the way that karma supposedly works. In this simplified view, good people get rewarded with a good life, and bad people get punished through a bad life. Concepts of guilt and judgement are at the core of […]


At the root of most physical imbalances are emotional imbalances that compromise our immune systems. These emotional imbalances are often created by feelings of fear, anger and depression. Nobody in their day to day lives can completely avoid stress and adversity, but there are ways to help you be less affected by angers negative charge. […]

Dreamless sleep

One of the most beautiful relationships I’ve had in my life was my relationship with my grandmother. Only 38 years older than me, she was always my rock of love, strength and support. We spoke on the phone most days and two of our favorite topics of conversation were telenovelas (soap operas we were watching) […]

The Root of Illness

Illness in people, physical and psychological, is caused by an inability to establish a clean and balanced connection to source. In order to better understand this definition, we must first define source. Source is the giver of life. For a person in our physical universe, source is represented by the sun and the earth. The […]

How to Clean Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most important things for people to know if they are planning on becoming healthier by incorporating more fruits in their diet, is how to get rid of the wax and pesticide coating covering many store-bought fruits. Fruits with smooth edible skin tend to be sprayed with pesticides (chemicals) to keep away insects […]

Desire and Fear

In my opinion the ultimate purpose of every person’s life is to discover lasting joy and to share that lasting joy with others. It is a joy that comes from the sense of freedom, of creativity, of flow, of beauty, of connection to all that is, of love, wonder and being. It is a joy […]