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Everything You See Is Part Of You

People are used to thinking of themselves as separate entities confined to their bodies. What would happen if we realized that there are no barriers between our minds? There are no private thoughts that stay confined to our brains. There are no private emotions that do not affect the energy around us.

Has it ever happened to you that during a walk in a familiar place you notice yourself being drawn to the same thoughts about the people in your life you had the last time you went to that place? Have you ever had a dream where you learned something you shouldn’t have been able to about a person who was far away? Do you notice the synchronicity in your life?

Often the people who perceive themselves as separate from the world, as confined to their own bodies, also perceive the world as hostile. The fragile image that they have of themselves is infinitely vulnerable and helpless.

Yet this perception is only an illusion. The world is not separate from us. How could it be? Without the world we would not have a sense of self. Our idea of self is created as a result of our interactions with the world and interpretations of them.

The world is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. You, on the other hand, may have a profound wish to be better than neutral. To feel that you are a good person.

Unfortunately for good to exist, bad or evil must exist also. So in order to know good you must be able to identify bad. And so you believe that the good in you is better than the bad in the world, shifting the balance in your favor. You start gravitating towards people who help you maintain this belief about the world by demonstrating selfish and cruel behavior. You do not recognize in these people the part of yourself that you are suppressing.

But what would happen if you decided to stop seeing yourself as separate from everyone else? What if you realized that what you see is what you interpret, is what you feel, and talk about and reinforce? What if you then decided to look at yourself as neither good nor bad, but perfectly innocent and authentic?

Suddenly a shift of balance would take place. You relinquishing the judgement of yourself as good will make it matter less to you if the world is bad. Your focus will start shifting from the flaws of the world to its innocence, and you will feel more at ease among imperfection.

Once you see yourself as one with the world you start to flow. You stop trying to gain a sense of superiority at someone else’s expense. You stop judging yourself and so you stop judging others, leaving guilt behind in the mental world of egos.

You start feeling free. Free to walk away from a person or a situation if they make you miserable. Free to be assertive when it comes to your wishes. Free to speak your mind. You do not feel guilty about being true to yourself.

Once you attain this state of authenticity, you can go on and think of yourself as good or great. These words will no longer imply that you are better than anyone else. Great will become the new neutral.

Let us also look at another example of someone who thinks of themselves as separate from the world around them, but feels that they are worse than neutral. They think that compared to most people they are bad. This person is suppressing their positive side. To them being good is synonymous to pain, weakness, denial of pleasure.

They are stuck in body consciousness and are ready to ruthlessly protect their vulnerable self. They make themselves a prisoner. On the one hand they think that they are their bodies and identify with an image of weakness and vulnerability. On the other hand they think that they are stronger than other people. They see mortality and pain in their own flesh, and try to distract themselves by chasing the goals of fleeting pleasures and by trying to achieve immortality and greatness for their egos.

As they attack the world, they attack themselves, for they are one with the world. Each attack reinforces their own belief in their insecurity. Each attack strengthens the illusion of time. Each attack strengthens the idea of scarcity and separates them further from love.

But what would happen if this person stopped feeling the need to see themselves as bad or predatory? What if they saw themselves as an innocent, authentic and immortal being? What would happen to this person’s guilt, quest for security and love? Would they stop projecting onto others what they have not recognized in themselves? Would they try to take from others what they think is missing in themselves, be it wealth, innocence, love or youth? Could they see the world as free of guilt and forgive it? Maybe. But only if they are ready.

We are all children, prone at times to feeling victimized and dis-empowered by our own reflections. We are not separate from our surroundings and each other. The world outside is a reflection of our inner state. As our beliefs and characters change, so do our lives and circumstances. We need to stop feeling scared and incomplete. We need to accept that we are all perfect for our current level of development, and that in the long run the people around us serve as our own mirrors and teachers.

The Vitalitist

I refuse to succumb to the mundane, always aware of who I am. For it is compromising ourselves that robs us of our vitality, and it is by guarding our vitality and zest for life, knowledge and unity that we flourish. Let longevity and all other good things follow, until it is time to write a new story.

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