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Unconditional Self-Love

This is part 1 of a video where I discuss the importance of loving yourself and seeing your value unconditionally. To access the second part of this video for free, click on the link below: https://vitalitist.com/signup-unconditional-self-love/

Sagging after Weight Loss

What are the things to keep in mind, when you try to tighten your skin after weight fluctuations? What exercises can you do? What helps? The Vitalitist 2023

Find Your Purpose

DO you know what your mission is in this life? Have you ever wondered about your gifts, or purpose? How do you identify them? The Vitalitist 2023

Is It Responsible or Toxic to have a Positive Mental Attitude?

Working on your mental diet demands that you stop being abusive with the way that you think about yourself and the world. But what about being fearful when the situation calls for it? What about maintaining the ability to respond and not hiding your head in the sand? Are the two attitudes compatible, or is […]

Don’t be too Nice

What are the actual repercussions to you and other people, if you act overly submissive and agreeable? Is it not something we should all be striving for and why?

The Causes and Treatment of Acne

A quick review of the four main culprits behind breakouts as well as some of the ways to defeat them. The Vitalitist.

Betraying Yourself to Belong

A video by The Vitalitist from 2023, talking about the two fundamental conflicting needs people can have and how that can lead to self-sabotage.

Codependent and Narcissistic Relationship Styles

A video from the Vitalitist from 2023, with some advice for people who are unhappily codependent in a relationship.