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Betraying Yourself to Belong

A video by The Vitalitist from 2023, talking about the two fundamental conflicting needs people can have and how that can lead to self-sabotage.

Codependent and Narcissistic Relationship Styles

A video from the Vitalitist from 2023, with some advice for people who are unhappily codependent in a relationship.

Anger: Your cry for self-love

A video by the Vitalitist from 2023, where I discuss the consequences of suppressing or projecting your anger as well as the virtues of connecting to it.

You Will Always Be Chosen

A video by the Vitalitist from 2023 with some reminders about how you deserve to be a priority in your relationships.

Release Excess Potential

A video by the vitalitist from 2023 where we discuss how to better adopt a self-serving and loving mindset by releasing excess potential when it comes to your goals and ambitions.

Reconnect With Your Voice

A video from the Vitalitist from 2023 where we go over regaining the skill of knowing what you want, instead of being swayed by outside sources.

The Law Of Rhythm

A video from the Vitalitist from 2023, where I touch upon the unavoidable law of rhythm and how to neutralise it.

You’re the Leader

Don’t be afraid to be the leader. You either win or you learn, and you will have to face the consequences of other people’s leadership as much as your own. A video by the VItalitist from 2023